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Reel 1704

Published February 1976

Raw news footage originally shot by staff of the Baltimore, Maryland station WMAR-TV (Channel 2), dating to February 5-8, 1976.

1 Children playing on playground (swings, slide, jungle gym)
2 Patterson Park Pagoda (Patterson Park Observatory)
3 Children given shots (MMR vaccine?)
4 Unknown man on DEA investigation of heroin conspiracy, leading to arrests
5 Governor Marvin Mandel press conference with reporters; he discusses building schools and refuses to discuss trial
6 Unknown man shows assembly of young students basketball tricks, holds one child up so he can make a basket
7 Men meeting with large map of Baltimore city trains, shots of trains and tracks
8 Additional #4, with shot of United States Post Office and Court House
9 House with fire damage; firefighters cleaning it up
10 Additional #5 on airplane industry
11 Baltimore City Fire Department Ambulance; reporter interviews injured man who has just been hit by a car, before he was put into the ambulance
12 Additional #3
13 Woman discussing dangers of measles
14 Reporter on measles vaccinations and recommendations
15 Man entering city bus
16 Man driving to house, where he meets special needs man and Susan White, who interviews both on how they help one another
17 More students getting shots (MMR vaccine?)
18 Postal service meeting; man discusses "vicious cycle" of rate increases
19 Bubbling brook
20 CORE Community Service Building; reporter knocks but is denied interview
21 Additional #5
22 Unknown man challenging governor on transportation deficit; holds up sign that says "Forget-It!"
23 Unknown people interviewed about support or opposition to supersonic planes
24 Boats; sailboats, motorboats, boat features
25 People gathered on the corner of Port Street and E. Fairmont (award given out?)
26 Teaser for Weekend Skiing report on Newswatch
27 Recording of show about cruelty in animal trapping
28 Stream, cannons, shots of city view from park
29 Shots of park, streets
30 Street scenes during traffic (downtown?)
31 Black judges at an event; including interview with one judge emphasizing need for more black lawyers
32 Walter Orlinksy on disapproval of Baltimore subway
33 Susan White interviews Sam Witten on his campaign to be delegate of the Democratic National Convention
34 Jane Addams General Vocational School
35 Unknown man with experimental boat shoes; Susan White present
36 Reporter interviews Guatemalan exchange student on the earthquake in Guatemala
37 Hearing about use of steel traps; unknown men give testimony on animal cruelty, farmer necessity, and more; man presents dead nutria
38 Additional #31
39 Hockey game, Clippers vs. Voyagers
40 Basketball game
41 Unknown man interviewed about lottery
42 Adults in classroom
43 Baltimore skyline with trains, boats
44 Joe Tydings on his healthcare platforms
45 Picketers in front of CORE Community Service Building including A. Robert Kaufman
46 Tax return assistance; unknown man interviewed about Earned Income Credit
47 Basketball game
48 Boat
49 Unknown men
50 Docked ship with crane; large tires
51 Firemen putting out fire, clean up
52 Policeman and detectives at a cemetery, looking at gun
53 State Highway Administration District 4 Central Lab
54 Unknown man interviewed on laws about building standards, his opinion that laws should be changed to prevent dilapidated buildings from being unsafe
55 Additional #44
56 Unknown meeting, classrom; man interviewed about Catholic Church's outreach efforts to divorced people
57 Children's indoor hockey game (no ice)

Producer WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: BonnieSmith - - April 12, 2014
Subject: Great Video!
Includes two of Maryland's most famous
crooked politicians on one video.
Marvin Mandel and Wally Orlinsky.
Marv convicted of mail fraud and racketeering,
and Wally convicted of bribery.

University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections
by WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)
University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections
by WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)